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Help! My Kidneys are Dying!

Posted in health,running by grinnbearit on December 13, 2006

I think i’m having kidney failure. See, I developed a bladder infection recently which I think could have come from an allergic reaction to bubble bath detergent (I diagnosed myself after browsing the Internet one afternoon.) The vast wealth of medical information I garnered from browsing online also told me a bladder infection can move into your kidneys. The symptoms of that infection lessened but a constant throbbing developed in my left kidney for about a week and is now a glaring pain on the right side. It can’t make up its mind! It doesn’t want to go away – just keeps moving around to different bodily locations. I also notice it is brought on when I eat certain foods. Caffeine and dairy (high in calcium) are really bad.  Cranberry juice is my constant companion. Should I be embarrassed to be telling the whole world this? The good news is that the pain hasn’t kept me from running or exercising so far – but it was at its worst yesterday evening after drinking too much soda during a discipleship session at McDonald’s. I left the restaurant and not an hour later had to retreat home unable to stand up straight and breath normally. Any home remedies you suggest?


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  1. Baseeret said,

    I sent you a list of stuff to try on your myspace account. Hope it helps 🙂

  2. RegiVizz said,

    Go see a physician!!!

  3. theauthorunknown said,

    Please see a doctor!

  4. zappoman said,

    Please go see a doctor!!!

  5. Josh said,

    Exactly what I was thinking. Please see a doctor immediately! Do not wait, do not run, do not do anything else but go. Now. To a doctor. It’s Friday but you can still get in. If not, go the nearest ER.

    It could be that serious. New kidneys are really hard to find…

    “…the word of God is not bound.”
    –2 Timothy 2:9

  6. bettehall said,

    I also suffer from kidney problems and ended up with stones at one time. For me, the worst contributers to kidney pain is caffeine and Vitamin C. Milk doesn’t really bother me.

    I wish I could have posted here before your problem got out of hand. I’m glad you went to the physician when you did. But for the future, AZO is the best.

    As a kidney problem sufferer and Clinical Medical Assistant, I give you an educated recommendation. Physicians prescribe Pyridium, a small little pill that turns your urine orange. It is an astringent that flushes out the urinary tract.

    Pyridium is the main ingredient in AZO. Azo Cranberry will not do the same thing and does not have Pyridium. Azo Cranberry is for preventing UTI and AZO is for treating UTI.

    Hopefully there won’t be a next time, but just in case, I hope you find this information helpful.

    You did the right thing by going to see your doctor. You probably reached the point that you needed anti-biotics which cannot be bought over the counter.

  7. Anonymous said,

    I am intolerant to dairy and other things and I get a throbbing pain in my left kidney at times-especially if I have dairy products-mainly milk so he could be intolerant to something. Loads of people are intolerant to cows milk and do not realize it.

  8. billi said,

    WOW its almost like reeding my own history except i had preclapcia when i had my 2nd child also causing heart problems. But, my kidneys dont seem to be able to handle much soda at all or any kinda alcohol.i also have allergies and ALOT of them.But i never thought to put them together with kidney problems. I had all kinds of weird things go wrong with my kidneys the stopped working and i gained 30 pounds in water weight.But that was 8 yrs ago and i am having the same consant throbbing pain that doesnt want to go way buy i am kind scared of the docs after some very serious illness from staying in the hospital.So BE CAREFUL.

  9. scott said,

    Lactose intolernece go get checked

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