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I’m a Marathoner!!

Posted in Baltimore Marathon,Distance Running,fitness,health,humor,marathon,racing,running by grinnbearit on October 15, 2007


Well folks, after weeks and weeks of training and waiting and wondering what the experience of running a marathon was like, I can finally claim the official title of marathoner. I completed the Baltimore Marathon at 4:47:03. Here are some highlights of my experience:

The SWEET black underarmor fitted long-sleeve we received with our running goodie bag.

Eating pasta the evening before with Rob and Leigh Prom (a couple we know from church)

FREEZING for thirty minutes before the race started and envying the trash bag wearers

Running with Philip for the first five 1/2 miles, commenting on how rough the roads were and how much we liked our spiffy new athletic sunglasses we’d purchased at the health expo the evening before.

Watching the 4:45 pacers run past me and saying goodbye to Philip – I was trying for 4:30 or less

Feeling good and only stopping once to walk until mile 16

All of a sudden feeling pain everywhere in my entire body at mile 16

Telling myself ten more miles was cake

Wondering how the lady behind me had enough energy to yell and laugh with her friends on the sidelines

Starting to get discouraged, bored, and anxious to finish between miles 17 and 20

Starting to get beat-up, slow, discouraged, frustrated, teary-eyed, and hopeless at mile 20

A sudden sense of rage at the city of Baltimore and its stupid marathon with entirely too much incline

Walking/running in short intervals between miles 20 and 25 feeling certain I was now not going to make it across the finish line before 5 hours


I want to cry I want to cry I want to cry I want to cry I want to cry

I am never doing a marathon again, never ever

Maybe I should have trained better

I hope Philip is o.k.


Running the last 1.2 miles at a surprisingly decent speed

Crossing the finish line!!

After that I waited with Rob until the clock reached 6:15. Leigh had come through the finish but Philip had not. We waited and waited and waited and FINALLY saw him walking past a Dunkin’ Donuts tent with a cotton swab taped around his elbow. Uh-oh. He had become dehydrated at mile 18 and was sitting in an ambulance getting liters of fluids pumped into him until we found him.

So. I am now a marathoner with a very cool new running shirt and a medal with a crab on it. Awesome.


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  1. RegiVizz said,

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! You did it! 🙂
    “I want to cry…” I was the same way. “I am never doing a marathon again…” Ditto. Crossing the finish line is the best feeling. It’s that great combo of relief and accomplishment and it feels amazing doesn’t it?
    Now…was the training worth it?

  2. John Rankin said,


    Welcome, fellow marathoner.

    Heyyyyy, whadayamean “never doing another marathon again” ? Actually I don’t blame you, LOL… I got both soaked n frozen at Denver yesterday. The literally blue fingers made me wonder if I was totally crazy, but this morning I’m already planning the next one in AZ.

    Well, you finished a marathon… something that apparently less than 1 percent of the population has ever done. Good for you.

  3. Jeff Kellogg said,

    Wonderful! It’s such a great accomplishment to finish a marathon. I so enjoyed reading your comments about the last 6 miles. I was a finisher in Baltimore on the same day–toward the end of the race I was behind a woman with a shirt which said, “What was I thinking??” No doubt we all have asked ourselves that question!

    So…will you do another one?

  4. Half Marathoner said,

    I ran the half and I thought that was bad enough. I can’t imagine running the full. Good job there, hot stuff.

  5. gumpers said,

    Congratulations, we did the first one in the same time 😉

    keep on running!

  6. Steve said,

    Outstanding! Please tell us when your next marathon is.

  7. David Carr said,

    I’m a coach with Team in Training and will start training a team of fundraising participants for the 2008 Baltimore Marathon later this month. I was looking for information and pictures from the Baltimore Marathon last week to share with the team when I came across your site.

    I realize this is an old post, but I still wanted to say congrats on completing a marathon. It feels great, doesn’t it?

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