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Jingle Bell Run 2007

Posted in Distance Running,fitness,fun,health,jingle bell 5k,racing,roanoke,running by grinnbearit on December 9, 2007

 This year’s Roanoke Jingle Bell run was a success! I didn’t qualify for a medal like I ended up receiving last year (much to my surprise) but it was a lot of fun and very festive anyway. A 5k race is a wonderful break from long-distance races. They’re not nearly as mentally challenging because before you know it, you’re crossing the finish line.

The best part of the race was that my younger sister, Leigha, and a friend of hers from Virginia Tech both participated and it was their first race ever! My dad and I are the only two members of my immediate family that are runners so it’s fun to see another family member catch the running fever. The Jingle Bell race is a fun, family-oriented introduction to running competition and accomplishment.


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  1. Great job! Doesn’t it feel good to get up and run during a time of year when it is so much more tempting to just curl up and stay warm at home with holiday treats and be lazy!?

  2. RegiVizz said,

    I get so much satisfaction when one of my friends wil come out on a run with me, or sign up for a race with me! Knowing that it’s good for their health and well being is such a thrill!

    You’ve not been blogging lately…hope all is well!

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