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Watches, Zunes, New Running Goals

Posted in christmas,Distance Running,fitness,gym,health,running,weather by grinnbearit on December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

Phil and I received new ironman sports watches from his sister and we are thrilled. I’m not one to load up on the gadgets but having a sports watch should definitely help me stay motivated to compete against myself this upcoming new year. I think it’s about time I had an edgier perspective on running – every run is an opportunity to improve on something like my time or stride or breathing…Our new Zunes (yes, zunes – NOT Ipods) should also help us become better runners this next year.

I ran six miles Monday but ran out of time to run between the mashed potatoes, broccoli slaw, and loading up the car with gifts to take to Phil’s family on Christmas day. So far I haven’t experienced the winter blahs that typically hit hard about this time of year and cause my motivation to get out and run in the cold to take a plunge. If I get the job I’ve been waiting to open up at a local publishing company then we’ll get gym memberships again which always helps in those cold, boring Jan-March months. I’ll keep you posted on that situation.

Have a fun, safe new year!


Running Hiatus

Posted in christmas,diet,Distance Running,fitness,health,life,running,weight by grinnbearit on November 13, 2007

I think that’s how you spell hiatus.

Anyway, I am forcing myself to take a running hiatus. I haven’t gone more than a week without running in….years, I think. So I’m about due for an intentional break from the obsession. I figure I’ll wait until I can afford new shoes and that’ll be my allotted time for renewing motivation, letting the aches and pains fully heal, and focusing on other activities instead.

Hopefully I will be able to afford shoes in a reasonable amount of time since we are approaching the holiday season…

I refuse to come back after Christmas posting blogs about how I took a break from running that turned into disdain at the thought of returning and meanwhile have been packing on the turkey, ham, and cookie pounds…

Nah, I give it another week.

Goodbye Christmas Splurge

Posted in christmas,Distance Running,health,life,running by grinnbearit on December 27, 2006

I think if I could sum up the physical aspect of Christmas 2006- aka: the ol’ “weight gain” trauma that everyone tries to avoid thinking about but can’t seem to refrain from talking about, this year’s theme was : try as hard to allow your mind freedom to go ahead an indulge for two days as you do to keep your hand from reaching for that fortieth Christmas cookie. I mean really. It’s a holiday. Not to mention the largest holiday of the year, so why not? And that was the internal arguement raging in my head the past two days. Which side won? Well…believe it or not – I think a balance erupted from the chaos. Perhaps not in the most struggle-free of ways, but the outcome was a cut-back without missing out. And then this morning I ran six miles. They were sluggish and weighty, but made for a sensible Christmas rebound. What’s the holiday report from the rest of the wordpress running world?

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