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Holiday 5K

Posted in diet,Distance Running,fitness,health,jingle bell 5k,nutrition,racing,roanoke,running,weight by grinnbearit on December 4, 2007

Well, folks, I found some significantly discounted Asics 2120 on black Friday and am back on the pavement. Because the cold, dark winter is such an inhibitor for me I am attempting to overcome my yearly running slump with a goal of four mile runs at least four days a week. No, it’s nothing special but if you could see the hills I conquer during that four miles, you’d give it much more respect. It seems to be working so far. I’m on week 2.

This Saturday is the Jingle Bell 5K in downtown Roanoke. I’m really excited. This year my little sis and her friend are going to be joining myself, Philip, and several other friends for it. It’s a quaint little festive run.

Cheers to sticking to our fitness goals and resisting too many sweets this holiday season!


Running Hiatus

Posted in christmas,diet,Distance Running,fitness,health,life,running,weight by grinnbearit on November 13, 2007

I think that’s how you spell hiatus.

Anyway, I am forcing myself to take a running hiatus. I haven’t gone more than a week without running in….years, I think. So I’m about due for an intentional break from the obsession. I figure I’ll wait until I can afford new shoes and that’ll be my allotted time for renewing motivation, letting the aches and pains fully heal, and focusing on other activities instead.

Hopefully I will be able to afford shoes in a reasonable amount of time since we are approaching the holiday season…

I refuse to come back after Christmas posting blogs about how I took a break from running that turned into disdain at the thought of returning and meanwhile have been packing on the turkey, ham, and cookie pounds…

Nah, I give it another week.

The Worst Part of Pre-Marathon

Has to be the waiting. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this marathon to happen and be over FOREVER!!  The hardest part about this marathon so far has not been the training or the longest runs or the hot weather but the WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING to do the dang thing. GEEZ.

I was sick last week and unable to run for about five days. I think it was food poisoning – ugh, nasty sickness. I have run the past couple mornings and plan to run tomorrow morning, all short runs of course, and then FINALLY the next run I will do will be the marathon.

So how about that Chicago Marathon being called off? That was encouraging knowing mine is the weekend after, haha. Fortunately they’re calling for a cold front just in time. Whew!

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