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Watches, Zunes, New Running Goals

Posted in christmas,Distance Running,fitness,gym,health,running,weather by grinnbearit on December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

Phil and I received new ironman sports watches from his sister and we are thrilled. I’m not one to load up on the gadgets but having a sports watch should definitely help me stay motivated to compete against myself this upcoming new year. I think it’s about time I had an edgier perspective on running – every run is an opportunity to improve on something like my time or stride or breathing…Our new Zunes (yes, zunes – NOT Ipods) should also help us become better runners this next year.

I ran six miles Monday but ran out of time to run between the mashed potatoes, broccoli slaw, and loading up the car with gifts to take to Phil’s family on Christmas day. So far I haven’t experienced the winter blahs that typically hit hard about this time of year and cause my motivation to get out and run in the cold to take a plunge. If I get the job I’ve been waiting to open up at a local publishing company then we’ll get gym memberships again which always helps in those cold, boring Jan-March months. I’ll keep you posted on that situation.

Have a fun, safe new year!


Why I Run

Posted in Distance Running,fitness,gym,health,life,marathon,nutrition,racing,running by grinnbearit on October 26, 2007

1. I’m scared of the potential humiliation I could make of myself at a gym

2. I can see myself covering ground and it makes me feel like i’m getting something accomplished every moment

3. I can use an mp3 player and tune everything else out

4. It requires very little coordination

5. It’s easy to do in private, whenever, wherever you choose.

6. It covers all the fundamentals in one fell swoop – cardio, toning, upper/lower body, calorie burning…

7. I don’t have to drive somewhere special, I can go right out my front door.

8. I get to shop for new shoes every few months

9. I don’t have to concentrate on the activity which frees my mind to be able to process life

10. Someday, when I have a dog, I can bring my dog with me

11. Most of my high school friends were track/cross country runners

12. I have quite the sweet tooth and have never been willing to limit myself too much on food

13. It gives me a chance to enjoy the outdoors

14. I get to say I’ve done things like run marathons

Huh. I think this might work.

Posted in Distance Running,fitness,gym,health,life,marathon,racing,running by grinnbearit on June 13, 2007

So. I’ve been cutting back the amount of days a week I force myself to run and I think this might be what was missing in my life. I don’t know where I got this conception exactly, but I’ve always felt that runners strive to run daily and missing days is a big deal. I like the alternative of having more quality runs on less days during the week. Quality, not quantity. Of course quality means quantity in mileage, but I think i can handle that. The main relief is on my brain – not having to gear up so often to go out for a run.

Poor husband is having a hard time getting his mileage in lately, he’s been working extra hours painting my parent’s new house for the past couple of weeks. The end of that is in sight though and hopefully he can really get in gear after that. Still need to look for a good marathon training plan…

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