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Jingle Bell Run 2007

Posted in Distance Running,fitness,fun,health,jingle bell 5k,racing,roanoke,running by grinnbearit on December 9, 2007

┬áThis year’s Roanoke Jingle Bell run was a success! I didn’t qualify for a medal like I ended up receiving last year (much to my surprise) but it was a lot of fun and very festive anyway. A 5k race is a wonderful break from long-distance races. They’re not nearly as mentally challenging because before you know it, you’re crossing the finish line.

The best part of the race was that my younger sister, Leigha, and a friend of hers from Virginia Tech both participated and it was their first race ever! My dad and I are the only two members of my immediate family that are runners so it’s fun to see another family member catch the running fever. The Jingle Bell race is a fun, family-oriented introduction to running competition and accomplishment.


Holiday 5K

Posted in diet,Distance Running,fitness,health,jingle bell 5k,nutrition,racing,roanoke,running,weight by grinnbearit on December 4, 2007

Well, folks, I found some significantly discounted Asics 2120 on black Friday and am back on the pavement. Because the cold, dark winter is such an inhibitor for me I am attempting to overcome my yearly running slump with a goal of four mile runs at least four days a week. No, it’s nothing special but if you could see the hills I conquer during that four miles, you’d give it much more respect. It seems to be working so far. I’m on week 2.

This Saturday is the Jingle Bell 5K in downtown Roanoke. I’m really excited. This year my little sis and her friend are going to be joining myself, Philip, and several other friends for it. It’s a quaint little festive run.

Cheers to sticking to our fitness goals and resisting too many sweets this holiday season!

Why I Run

Posted in Distance Running,fitness,gym,health,life,marathon,nutrition,racing,running by grinnbearit on October 26, 2007

1. I’m scared of the potential humiliation I could make of myself at a gym

2. I can see myself covering ground and it makes me feel like i’m getting something accomplished every moment

3. I can use an mp3 player and tune everything else out

4. It requires very little coordination

5. It’s easy to do in private, whenever, wherever you choose.

6. It covers all the fundamentals in one fell swoop – cardio, toning, upper/lower body, calorie burning…

7. I don’t have to drive somewhere special, I can go right out my front door.

8. I get to shop for new shoes every few months

9. I don’t have to concentrate on the activity which frees my mind to be able to process life

10. Someday, when I have a dog, I can bring my dog with me

11. Most of my high school friends were track/cross country runners

12. I have quite the sweet tooth and have never been willing to limit myself too much on food

13. It gives me a chance to enjoy the outdoors

14. I get to say I’ve done things like run marathons

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