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Running Hiatus

Posted in christmas,diet,Distance Running,fitness,health,life,running,weight by grinnbearit on November 13, 2007

I think that’s how you spell hiatus.

Anyway, I am forcing myself to take a running hiatus. I haven’t gone more than a week without running in….years, I think. So I’m about due for an intentional break from the obsession. I figure I’ll wait until I can afford new shoes and that’ll be my allotted time for renewing motivation, letting the aches and pains fully heal, and focusing on other activities instead.

Hopefully I will be able to afford shoes in a reasonable amount of time since we are approaching the holiday season…

I refuse to come back after Christmas posting blogs about how I took a break from running that turned into disdain at the thought of returning and meanwhile have been packing on the turkey, ham, and cookie pounds…

Nah, I give it another week.


My Wierd Marathon Injury

Posted in athlete,Distance Running,fitness,health,injury,marathon,running by grinnbearit on October 30, 2007

Ok you athletic trainers and anatomy buffs, I have a wierd running injury for you. Since the marathon I have run three times. Each run has been spread out by several days and while running some of the same muscles I was feeling the most pain and anguish from during the end of the marathon become tense again immediately. One muscle in particular that gave me enough trouble this morning during the first few steps I took to cause me to turn around immediately and walk back inside my house, forfeiting the run altogether.

I have a dull ache in my right calf muscle but not in the middle or lower area, it’s on the top outside of the muscle close to the back of my knee. It’s towards the right side but not totally on the side. Running on it causes it to cramp up quickly and i’ve been able to make it through runs without it causing too much pain but this morning it was really getting my attention.

I’m assuming, like most muscle cramps, that I need to just let it loosen up, maybe ice it and give it some rest – ???

Why I Run

Posted in Distance Running,fitness,gym,health,life,marathon,nutrition,racing,running by grinnbearit on October 26, 2007

1. I’m scared of the potential humiliation I could make of myself at a gym

2. I can see myself covering ground and it makes me feel like i’m getting something accomplished every moment

3. I can use an mp3 player and tune everything else out

4. It requires very little coordination

5. It’s easy to do in private, whenever, wherever you choose.

6. It covers all the fundamentals in one fell swoop – cardio, toning, upper/lower body, calorie burning…

7. I don’t have to drive somewhere special, I can go right out my front door.

8. I get to shop for new shoes every few months

9. I don’t have to concentrate on the activity which frees my mind to be able to process life

10. Someday, when I have a dog, I can bring my dog with me

11. Most of my high school friends were track/cross country runners

12. I have quite the sweet tooth and have never been willing to limit myself too much on food

13. It gives me a chance to enjoy the outdoors

14. I get to say I’ve done things like run marathons

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